IESCO Bill Calculator 2024-Online Bill Estimator | enter units

Now that you benefit from checking your IESCO online bill 2023 and getting its duplicate, you can either pay your bill online. However, after facilitating you with various services, IESCO has now introduced its bill estimating calculator.

With the IESCO Bill Calculator 2022, you can evaluate your IESCO bill to identify whether your bill is correct or not. This calculator is explicitly designed to save your time and provide you with the most appropriate estimation within a few seconds.

So, get to know about what the IESCO bill calculator is and how to use it to find the correct estimation for your IESCO bill?

What is the IESCO Bill Calculator?

IESCO bill calculator is a free tool that is used to calculate and estimate your bill amount. With this calculator, you get the exact amount of your bill, including tax deductions. Moreover, this tool provides you with the features in which you can choose the connection type, either commercial, residential, or industrial. You can also pick the option of single-phase or triple-phase. Concisely, this tool provides you with the best bill estimation with the updating of the unit.

IESCO Bill Calculator

How to Calculate IESCO Bill 2022?

Using the IESCO calculating tool is super effortless, and can be used free of cost. Notwithstanding, all you need is to know how many rates of units you have spent. However, the calculator will automatically estimate your bill and show you the results by entering these spent units.

You can calculate your bill by following several steps:

  • Click on the ‘calculate your bill’ button.
  • You will be addressed to the page where you will have several bill options.
  • Select IESCO. Then you will be redirected to the estimator page.
  • Here, you need to provide the required information such as the number of units, phase, types, etc.
  • Once you have filled all the fields, click on ‘Submit.’
  • Your estimated bill will be previewed in front of you.

It is a hassle-free and easy process to identify the amount of your upcoming bill.

Yet, keep in mind that it is just an estimation; the amount of your actual bill may vary from the valuation of the IESCO bill calculator.

IESCO Bill Calculator Formula 2022

The IESCO calculator is pretty simple to use. There is no specific formula to use this tool. Yet, at residential connection type, the rate per unit changes that affects the amount of the bill.

For instance, you have calculated your bill at 50 units, but the estimation would be changed when the units increase until you got your original bill. So, the calculation might be wrong due to entering incorrect information.

So, become familiar with the rates of IESCO bills as per unit.

IESCO Bill Rates per Unit 2024

No. of UnitsRate per Unit (PKR)
Above 70020.70

Final Words

You can estimate your IESCO bill by entering the consumed units. This tool is easy to use that costs nothing and provides you with the nearest appropriate estimation for your imminent bill. You can check units from your electricity meter and enter them in the calculator to assess the total amount of your IESCO bill.

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